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Travel Tips

1. Please Check your Name on Passport before Making any Reservation.
2. Please Check your Passport validation and Visa to International Travel and
    Domestic Travel, you must have State or Federal Govt. issued ID.
3. Please Reconfirm your reservation 72 Hrs. Prior to Departure.
4. Please Check your Baggage allowance, for Size & Weight Limitations.


1. Once Ticket issued Penalty apply  $ 375.00, Plus any Fare Difference.
2.If any one No Show, It will be No Refund on ticket.
3.Any Partial used ticket has no refund , But can be use until the ticket Validation, with fee and fare difference.
4. Some Airlines tickets are Non-Refundable, But can be change to different date with fee and fare difference.
5.Some Airline tickets are Refundable with Penalty of $ 375.00 & up. Based on the Fare Basses.
6. All Airlines charge to change of any inbound Flight with fee $ 275.00 & up. plus fare difference.
7. Credit Card & Airlines services fee are additional depending upon tickets you purchase. 

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